Eat healty home grown veggies.

It had been pouring in alabama for last 2 days and i was very worried for my vegatabla and herb garden but the good news is they not only survived the heavy rain..i have small tomatoes and strawberry fruit...yaaaayyy....makes me feel so happy to see they were healthy.
Generally a good idea for vegetables to grow is raised bed.I use the regular mud+top soil with ferilizer to grow them.I am very much against using chemical on plants so to avoid bugs i spray it around the vegetable patch.
Some of the pics of my vegetable garden.I have planted purple and white cauliflower, red and regular cabbage, cucumber, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes,okra, mint and garlic.You will see small seeds which are germinating of spinach, sweetpeas, cilantro.I also have fruits such as cantaloupe, watermelon and strawberry in my vegetable garden.

Will post more pics soon also pls feel free to share info if you have .It helps to learn from others experiences too.

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